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100 polyurethane co2 / hpa tank o-rings [red]

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-90 durometer polyurethane offers superior abrasion resistance
-For use with all standard co2 and HPA/Air/Nitro tanks used in paintball
-Also available in 1,000 Pack for a better value for fields/stores -
-Manufactured and Warrantied by Captain O-Ring LLC

These are high quality, polyurethane tank o-rings for use with paintball CO2, HPA/Nitro tanks. Polyurethane as a material is much more abrasion resistant than black buna-nitrile which is often sold as tank o-rings. Buna o-rings nick and tear when screwed into your marker's ASA, causing leaks from the tank. Polyurethane lessens the need to replace this o-ring. 90 durometer polyurethane is the most abrasion resistant o-ring material used in paintball.

What to expect:
This item includes one-hundred (100) 90 durometer Polyurethane Tank O-Rings in a resealable zip-top poly bag with "Captain O-Ring" branded packaging.

Manufactured and warrantied against defect for one year by Captain O-Ring LLC. "Captain O-Ring" is a registered trademark of Captain O-Ring LLC.