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2 extra large flax seed eye pillows with lavender buds. large 12" x 6". don't take pills! take pillows!



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- Handmade in Pennsylvania. To reinvigorate the pillow's scent, pinch or knead the pillow. You will feel the lavender buds open and release fresh scent.
- Microwave for toasty warmth or freeze for soothing cold relief or stress reduction
- 2 extra long pillows at 12 inches and 6 inches wide, also much heavier weighing 1 1/2 pounds..
- 4 cups of flax seed and 1 cup of lavender buds. This pillow is big, it can easily double as a small neck or lumbar support.
- Packaged in a reusable pvc bag for a small carbon footprint.

Made with a turquoise brocade, these 2 large flax seed and lavender eye pillows will help create a gentle soothing touch over the eyes. For hot therapy, microwave one. For cold therapy, freeze one. The pillow is wonderful to cover your eyes and rest on your temples. Hand crafted in the Pocono Mountains of North-East Pennsylvania, USA. Each pillow measures 12 inches long by 6" wide and is filled with 4 cups of flax and 1 cup of lavender buds. Our custom made high quality pillows may vary in size slightly. Comes with a matching slip cover. This pillow is so big it can easily double as a neck or head support.