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retevis rt27v murs radios handheld,long range two way radios rechargeable for adults,rugged walkie talkie with earpiece outdoor hunting travelling

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- The product is brought to order in a span of 15 to 25 days, if any restriction of a governmental entity or public health changes or restrict flights, the products can take more time to arrive.
- Prices may change with prior notice. It depends on price with suppliers or existence.
- Referencial photos of the product, just ask
- We ship to all of Chile with Starken.
- Products imported from the United States, It is probable that electronic products work in 110V and NOT in 220V, you could use a transformer, for more information you can first ask us all the questions you have.

- MURS radios are built very well and stand up to a lot of hard use and conditions; whether use it as a intercom system in your home or a communication tool for work,you don't have to worry about its durabilityplease note that the MURS frequency radio cannot talk to the FRS radio
- Audio quality is excellent with the codes in each channel to block other signal; MURS frequency separate you from the busy frequency and make your communication faster and more efficient even when you are in crowds or events
- Battery life is substantial when used properly and it is rechargeable so you don't have to continually buy batteries; each radio has a charger cradle and USB plug and adapter so you can charge it in your car when you have a road trip
- Easy to use without too many bells and whistles; you can let you go "exploring" around your property with this radio without worrying about the operation issue
- Sturdy;durable;reliable and easy to use;RT27V walkie talkies are an affordable way to improve parents communications without having to use bulkier traditional radios