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Welcome to Buhostore Marketplace South America These Terms and Conditions regulate access in Chile to our site and its use by all users, clients or consumers. We highly recommend reading the following terms and conditions, that way, our relationship is long-lived and clear. Terms and Conditions apply to each of the purchases that you contract with BUHO STORE (hereinafter "BUHO STORE") through the marketing systems included in this website. Those contracts, the use of this website and the application of these Terms and Conditions will be subject to the laws of the Republic of Chile; especially those that protect the rights of consumers, without renouncing the rights and actions granted by these laws. In BUHO STORE we want things to happen as they should be, therefore, the rules that apply here will be supported by Chilean laws and other terms and conditions expressed herein. OWL STORE, will strictly apply all the benefits and guarantees that the Consumer Rights Protection Law establishes for the transactions carried out through this site. Additionally, BUHO STORE adheres in all its parts to the Code of Good Practices for Electronic Commerce of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce.


The website (hereinafter "Website" or OWL STORE) is legally responsible for the company Spa. Spa. appoints Ms. ANDREA DE LAS MERCEDES ACUÑA SAN MARTÍN as legal representative, domiciled for these purposes at Tenderini 85 Department 80 Santiago Comuna - Metropolitan Region. For communication of any presentation, query or claim regarding the use of this site, or the contracts that are carried out in it, BUHO STORE has the different Customer Service channels: Callcenter 56 9 2243 4674 Whatsapp E-mail: RRSS: - RRSS: buhostorecl - Home | Facebook All communication channels are available on business days from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00.


OWL STORE will communicate electronically to the e-mail provided by the buyer in the purchase process The following states will be confirmed: Order confirmation, Order status, Shipping information and any other communication related to orders placed on this website by customers. Additionally, BUHO STORE could use the e-mail entered by the client to communicate promotions or advertisements. All promotional or advertising communication sent electronically from this site will indicate the subject to which it refers, our identity as sender and, in addition, a link so that the recipient, if he wishes, can request the suspension of those shipments, and print a proof of application. In this way, messages to anyone who has requested it will stop.


Visiting this site does not impose any obligation, unless you have expressed unequivocally and through positive acts your willingness to purchase certain goods or services, in the manner indicated in these Terms and Conditions .


Products and Services offered by BUHO STORE: "QUOTE" service: BUHO STORE offers the customer the LOGISTICS service of products from online stores published in our "QUOTE" section ( By using this service, the customer understands that OWL STORE is primarily a logistics intermediary between the original suppliers of the published online stores. In all the products and services offered on this website, BUHO STORE undertakes to comply with the coverage detailed in Consumer Law 19,496 and in our own "Terms and Conditions" and "Return Policies" detailed on this site. The time of the LOGISTICS of products may vary according to the location of origin of the supplier and the term will be informed normally is between 15 and 25 BUSINESS days from the moment of purchase to the moment of delivery - as agreed. All purchases are subject to confirmation of available stock by our original suppliers, feasibility of purchase and / or LOGISTICS. This confirmation will be made within a maximum period of five administrative business days. At the time of making the purchase on the BUHO STORE site, these "Terms and Conditions" and their "Return Policies" published for free access by visitors and customers are assumed to be read and accepted, which we recommend that you read carefully and print or keep a copy of them on your local drive for your information. We can NOT import products of the type: food, chemical products, medicines, weapons, flammable products, perfumes, and their derivatives. MONEY RETURN When the case is given, it will be done in the same way it was received OWL STORE is not responsible for omissions in the descriptions of the characteristics of the products published by the original supplier. Limiting itself to the importation and dispatch of the product quoted by the client, providing the legal factory warranty in Chile of 3 months from the moment the product is delivered. It is important that the client considers that when hiring the LOGISTICS service in our QUOTE section, the electronic products will work with the electricity voltage of the country of origin and the purchase of the transformer is not considered for the conversion and correct use in the Destination country. For this reason, the customer must consider the voltage allowed for proper use of the imported product before using the product. In Chile the common voltage is 220 V. The frequency is 50 Hz. The plugs and sockets are of the C / L type. Products damaged by improper use of the same are out of any warranty. At BUHO STORE we do not sell downloadable products, such as games, books, music, series, etc. According to what is indicated in Law 19.496 Art.3 BIS - letter b), BUHO STORE does not hold to the right of withdrawal, therefore, the customer may not cancel or retract the purchase of his order at any event, and may only enforce the legal warranty if the product has a factory fault within 90 days from the date of receipt of the product.


At BUHO STORE we want to have the best possible service in each step of the sale, however, when a logistics operator such as CHILEXPRESS AND / OR STARKEN enters, it is necessary for YOU to understand that they are a company apart and they may have situations beyond their control that delay shipments, without this being our responsibility, beyond making management for their purchases before them. The dispatch times are always considered in administrative business days, and the delivery schedule will depend on each dispatch company from 09:00 to 18:00. OWL STORE does not interfere with the route of the mobile phones or the opening hours of the branches or agencies of each provider. All contracted couriers will make two delivery attempts on business days and later it will be returned to our warehouse for the coordination of a new dispatch.


At OWL STORE your satisfaction is a priority, therefore we explain the GUARANTEE issue 7.1 If the product I buy does not have the technical characteristics clearly informed, 7.2 It arrived damaged or incomplete 7.3 If the product presents faults or defects within the 3 months following the date it was received, you can choose between its exchange for a new one (in case of availability at the same price originally paid) or the return of the product to our offices and refund of your money, as long as the product has not deteriorated due to a fact attributable to the consumer. OWL STORE reserves the fulfillment of the extension of the factory warranty periods if the original supplier details it in its publication.


What is a refurbished product? A refurbished product has been reconditioned for sale after a product return. Sometimes someone buys product from Amazon or Ebay, opens the box, decides they don't want to buy it, and just returns it. Even if the product has not been used yet, the product cannot be sold open, much less sold as a new product. In this case, the stores or suppliers sell it at a lower price. In the event that something does not work well with the product, the supplier sends it to the manufacturer to be checked for defects. When the manufacturer fixes the product and determines that the product works normally, it is sold as refurbished. In other cases, manufacturers remove older models of a product from the shelves to replace them with newer versions. The older version of the product is sold at a discount and the product is also determined to be “refurbished”. These products do not have a guarantee or the right to purchase withdrawal according to what Sernac indicates.


OWL STORE does not hold to the right of withdrawal, therefore, the customer will not be able to cancel or retract the purchase of his order at any event, and he will only be able to enforce the legal guarantee if the product has a factory fault within 90 days from the date of receipt of the product. Law 19,496 Art.3 BIS - (letter b)


a) Visa, Mastercard bank credit cards, issued in Chile or abroad, as long as they maintain a current contract for this purpose. b) Bank debit cards covered by the Redcompra® system, issued in Chile by national banks, which maintain a current contract for such purposes. Payment with credit and debit cards will be made through WebPay belonging to the company Transbank, which is an electronic payment system that is responsible for making the automatic charge to the user's credit card or bank account. If, for any reason, a transaction is canceled and the payment has been made by any of these means, the refund of the price will be subject to the rules that you have agreed with your bank as appropriate. It considers that all aspects related to the use of these credit or debit cards, such as their issuance date, expiration, quota, blocks, etc., will be subject, in relation to the company that issues or operates the card, to the agreement in this regard, the Opening Contract and the Regulations for the Use of this instrument, which will prevail if there is a contradiction. c) Payment in cash. Through bank deposit at Banco Ripley or Servipag or by bank transfer.


In case the product is not available or for any reason we have to refund the money for your purchase, you will receive a notification via email. For orders paid by bank credit card, the refund will be made directly to the same credit card within five administrative business days after the notification is sent. In the case of having made the payment by other means, the refund will be made by electronic transfer to the current account, sight account or savings account that you indicate to us within a period of five administrative business days from the moment you inform us of the data to make the transfer.