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clearview liquid glass screen protector for all smartphones tablets and watches

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- The product is brought to order in a span of 15 to 25 days, if any restriction of a governmental entity or public health changes or restrict flights, the products can take more time to arrive.
- Prices may change with prior notice. It depends on price with suppliers or existence.
- Referencial photos of the product, just ask
- We ship to all of Chile with Starken.
- Products imported from the United States, It is probable that electronic products work in 110V and NOT in 220V, you could use a transformer, for more information you can first ask us all the questions you have.
-ClearView Liquid Screen Protector is an invisible liquid coating that is easily wiped onto the glass surfaces of your device. It bonds to the glass of your device and improve s scratch and impact resistance.
-It can be applied up to 6 devices.
-Adds an additional thin and invisible layer of glass (does Not fix or repair existing damages).
-Does not interfere with fingerprint sensors. Can be applied over camera and front speaker on the glass. Does not cause any damage to any device (should not be applied to a broken screen).
-Universal: Compatible with all smartphones, tablets and watches. Excellent with curved screens and foldable screens. Does not affect fingerprint sensors.

ClearView Liquid Screen Protector is a cutting-edge super durable, completely transparent screen coating that bonds to the glass of your device offering greatly enhanced scratch, moisture, and impact resistance. It's made of silica dioxide (Si02) which is essentially microscopic particles of glass suspended in a liquid solution.Completely harmless and invisible once applied with easy wipe-on DIY application, Liquid Glass fills in the imperfections of the screen and adds an additional layer of glass (does not fix or repair existing damages or scratches). It's extremely scratch & shatter resistant and it Increases the glass' strength to 9h hardness. Liquid glass screen protector is intended to protect your device's screen against regular scratches that may happen with regular use. It will NOT make your screen completely shatter-proof or scratch-proof. It will only improve your glass' strength and increase the scratch resistance. Your screen can still get scratched or broken with a liquid glass screen protector.