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clearsounds wil95 ultraclear portable telephone amplifier for corded digital and voip phones with up to 40db amplification, ac powered

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- The product is brought to order in a span of 15 to 25 days, if any restriction of a governmental entity or public health changes or restrict flights, the products can take more time to arrive.
- Prices may change with prior notice. It depends on price with suppliers or existence.
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- We ship to all of Chile with Starken.
- Products imported from the United States, It is probable that electronic products work in 110V and NOT in 220V, you could use a transformer, for more information you can first ask us all the questions you have.
-Offers a wide compatibility - You can connect the WIL95 to any telephone with a modular connector thanks to the compatibility dial. Please note it isn't compatible with cordless or cellular phones
-Hear phone conversations clearer - The ClearSounds WIL95 UltraClear offers an adjustable Volume Control. It amplifies sounds up to 30dB
-Provides additional amplification - If you think the speaker's voice is still weak, push the "Boost" button to add 10dB amplification
-Matches your hearing need - The adjustable Tone Control enables you to "shape" the low, mid, and high frequencies to better suit your hearing needs
-Works 24/7 - The WIL95 is powered by an AC adapter (included in the kit), so you don't have to worry of short battery lifespan

ClearSounds WIL95 UltraClear Portable Telephone AmplifierThe ClearSounds WIL95 UltraClear is designed to boost the volume of phone conversations. It provides up to 40dB amplification. On top of the unit is a telephone jack for corded telephones and at the bottom is a handset jack. The WIL95 has a 12-position compatibility switch located at the back. This enables the amplifier to work with any phone that has a modular connector, including VoIP and digital telephones.Note: The WIL95 UltraClear ONLY works with corded phones with a modular connector. It is NOT compatible with cellular, cordless, princess-style, or Trimline telephones.TECHNICAL SPECS:Amplification: Up to 30dB Adjustable, Plus 10dB "Boost"Power Source: AC Adapter Compatibility: Corded telephone like digital and VoIP phonesDimensions: 4.0 x 2.8 x 1.0"