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clearsounds a1600bt iconnect amplified cordless phone with full duplex speakerphone and answering machine - supports dect 6.0, multi-line operation

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-Enables you to hear phone conversation better - The ClearSounds A1600BT iConnect amplifies the volume of the up to 50dB through the cordless handset
-Offers cellular call sharing - You can pair your cellphone with the A1600BT via Bluetooth. Convenient receive and place cellular calls using the ClearSounds iConnect Telephone
-Provides useful speed dials - The base unit of A1600BT has 8 one-touch photo frame buttons while the handset has 4 one-touch memory keys and 1 SOS Emergency Key
-Ensures you wouldn't miss a call - The iConnect Telephone features a bright visual ringer on the base unit and handset. You can adjust the ringer's volume to 95dB (base) and 85dB (handset)
-Records voice prompts and memo - You can record up to 3 minutes of memo on the A1600BT. The integrated answer machine provides up to 15 minutes of message storage

ClearSounds A1600BT iConnect DECT 6.0 Amplified Cordless Landline PhoneThe ClearSounds A1600BT iConnect is a great solution for people with hard of hearing who takes landline and cellular calls. The A1600BT provides up to 50dB amplification through the handset. You can also adjust the base's ringer up to 95dB and 85dB for the handset. Both units have a visual ringer that flashes when the phone rings. What makes the iConnect stand out is that you can wirelessly pair your mobile phone into this landline telephone. This means you can place and answer cellular calls using the A1600BT. Even if you're smartphone is charging, you can still take the call.The A1600BT iConnect also has Caller ID features. You can receive up 40 voicemails on the handset and 20 calls on the base unit.Please note that you need to subscribe to caller ID service with your telephone service provider.TECHNICAL SPECS:Communication Connections: Bluetooth, DECT 6.0Amplification of Calls (Through Handset): 50dB | Amplification of Base Ringer: 95dB | Amplification of Handset Ringer: 85dBDigital Recording Time: 15 minutesNumber of Memory Keys: 8 one-touch photo frame buttons in the base unit, 4 one-touch speed dials in the handset, 1 one-touch SOS key in the handsetPhonebook Directory Storage: 30 phone numbers in the base unit, 50 phone numbers in the handsetSupported Languages: English, French, German, SpanishFrequency Range: 1.88~1.90 GHzFrequency Stability: Less than +/-50KHzModulation System: GFSKCarrier Power: Less than 250mWPower Source: 7.5V 1000mA for the A1600BT Base | three 1.2V 800mAh Ni-MH batteries for the handsetConnectors: 3.5mm audio neckloop OUTPUT jack, 2.5mm headset jack, 3.5mm jack for the vibrating padCompliance: Meets the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) standards for hearing aid compatibility (HAC)