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baby night light,star projector night lights cars toys for boys,christmas birthday kids gifts for 2-10 year olds boys nursery children,cool stuff

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-Toddler Projector Night Light :Ever met a child who didn?t love cars? Me neither. Weirdly though, few nightlight projectors bear that in mind.This light Projector is unique one,it project plane,truck,bus,traffic light,Fire Truck,Traffic direction sign and so on,it is vivid,like a Traffic place,let kids to learn more Transportation.A projection of Road scene onto the walls and ceiling of the child?s bedroom,will expand their Imagination.
-Light Projector for Kids:2 projector film-cars projector film and star projector film.Different cars project is unique design from our shop for all boys who are car lovers.Star projector is widespread.Starry sky nightlight projector provides a calm effect and makes baby fall asleep quickly.
-light projectors that illuminates light of 4 different colors (blue, white, green and red). It looks like a real light show, and there is no doubt that many kids will be attracted by such a spectacle. It also can serve as an amazing decoration in baby?s room.
-Boys Gifts for age 1 2 3 4 5 6:It will surprising by your guys,birthday gifts,Christmas Gifts. A great decor for the bedroom, nursing who scare of the dark.They don?t hug all cars toys when sleep,choose this car night light projector,all car toys will rotate around the children bedroom and accompany with them.
-Reassurance is a pretty personal thing so we?ve covered a variety of different projectors, each offering something slightly different than the last. That way, there?s something for every child. Please find unicorns ocean projector from our shop.

Car Gifts for Boys!Kids Gifts for 1 23 4 5 6 7 8 years old Boys.Most boys love different styles Car /Plane /Truck /Bus/ Fire Truck,projects all cars will arouse their Imagination and let their bedroom more fun.

Cars and star projector
While most of the light show projectors rely on a starry night, this projector not only stars moon,but also cars. The light show projector fill the room with your child with a soft glow that is very soothing. Transform nurseries and bedrooms into a starry sanctuary or some different Car /Plane /Truck /Bus/ Fire Truck , excites kids and baby boys and girls.

Multiple options
The globe light projector can be adjusted to glow in 4 different colors- red,blue, green or amber.Single-color light or muti-color light mode.Colorful starry sky or ocean world make children happy and exciting.

Battery operated or USB cable
The projector runs on 4 AAA batteries. You can place it anywhere in the room you want.Another way to charge is USB cable,which also conveniently and save power.

Easy to use
Operating the stars&ocean Constellation Night Light is very easy. There are total turn on/off button,rotation/white light button.RGB light button.
1. Take out the night light.
2. Choose a power supply way, 4 x AAA battery (not included) or 59 inch USB cable.
3. Take off the outer cover and one of projecting cover.
4. Turn on the power button,you can see the Indicator light turn on(if the black one can't see it)
5.Press white light/rotation button or colorful light mode to choose what mode you like.