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300 Tiny Magnets Mini Magnets Small Round Magnets for Crafts - 3mmx1mm Magnets for Miniatures Small Models - Come with a Storage Case

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  • 300pcs 3*1mm Tiny Magnets: These magnets are extremely small, with 3mm*1mm size, they are great for small craft projects, small models, or magnetizing miniatures. Notice! They are tiny so make sure they fit your projects before buying.
  • Durable Magnets: These magnets are durable, so you won't have to worry about them losing their pull as they get older.
  • Come with a Rod Magnet: To help control and put the small magnet into your miniature models. You can mark the magnet rod to show which side is for the weapons, and which side for the model. Would ensure you don't accidentally get your polarization wrong.
  • Come with a Storage Case: Come with a high quality plastic case to store the magnets.
  • Can Be Used For: Crafts, workshop, warehouse and garage organization, decor, scientific, industrial, educational and manufacturing needs, do-it-yourself, jewelry-making and other hobby and home improvement projects.